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Become an Offline Typist

    The matter needs to be retyped as it is without making any corrections in the spelling mistakes and the punctuation marks and as per the format.

    Freelancers who can work on offline basis are required to apply. Naturally, you’ll need to be good at typing – fast and accurate – but when applying for jobs you’ll probably see three terms used: copy typing, audio typing and shorthand typing. These refer to the different ways of producing typed documents. Each needs different skills. Some jobs will require all three, others might need just one.

    Sound appealing? If you have a good professional background in project management, an interest in learning new skills, & a stable home-office environment we’d love to hear from you.

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    Skills Requirements

    • A can-do attitude and a proactive outlook
    • Minimum 16 years old or above
    • Good internet knowledge and a solid understanding of cloud-based technologies
    • Elementary typing skills within your professional industry
    • A computer with up-to-date software
    • Reliability, trustworthiness and discretion
    • Strong time management and efficiency
    • Professionalism in all communications
    • Steadiness and dependability with great flexibility
    • Quick to learn and grasp new concepts
    • A fast and reliable internet connection
    • Friendly!

    Honorarium and Other Benefits


    • US$ 3-5 Per page or 2000 words
    • exceeding the U.S. average hourly wage for Offline Typist


    • Free From 9 to 5 Job
    • work when you want, right from your living room, in any time zone


    • Huge virtual work network
    • connect with some of the world’s top English proofreaders

    Application Procedure

    If you are interested in becoming a offline typist with the help of Online Jobdesk, please know the application procedure. It’s 100% Free.

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    As a new candidate you just need to create your profile with Online Jobdesk with the use of your latest details and you will be able to apply for this job in next few of minutes for free.

    Beware of imposters!

    We value the trust you place on We does not promise a job or an interview in exchange of money. Fraudsters may ask you to pay in the pretext of registration fee, Refundable Fee and so on.