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Freelance Hiring Procedure


Go Through Current Openings

To start your career with Hircine, first, visit the current openings page. This page comprises all the available jobs rightly. Since we regularly update it with new jobs and remove categories which are no longer vacant.

Select A Job of Your Niche

There may be one or two job categories in which you find yourself capable of performing with quality. Just read out all the details, terms, payment modes and sample work formalities which are described alongside it.

Send Your Job Application

After going through all the job categories and selecting one, please send us your basic details through online application form or through email.  You can find this in Application Procedure section of each job category.

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Sample Work Submission

After examining your job application, our expert recruitment panel may ask you to complete a sample work project. Which you should complete in a time-bound interval and submit at a given link or via email.

Multiple Level Examining

After submission of Sample Work from your end, our Expert Panel escalates your job application to the next level. Here it examined randomly.  In some cases, multiple examinations take place to determine the genuinely/quality. 

One-to-One Live Interview

After successfully appearing and passing all the above recruitment steps, you are asked to remain available on a specific date and time for the Live Interview. Usually, it takes place via Skype or Google Hangout.

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If the interview panel finds you suitable for the job category you had applied for, and If you could represent yourself the same way, you are entitled to get a call letter one of our Partner Employer. At the start of your journey with Online Jobdesk, you get world-class support and best payout rates against your hard work. 

How to Apply

To apply for a specific position, browse the database for available positions that match your skills and interest, and follow the instructions to apply.

Fill Application Form

Application Form is the document that is submitted by every candidate before the offer is rolled out to him/her. It is important that you fill the form accurately.

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